We do like to looksomewhat relaxed and comfortable on our bikes, particularly when riding anything American or of the café racer variety. After all full leathers might look cool, but not when trying to enjoy a chai latte frapachino outside one of those overpriced Dublin 2 coffee shops that you so like to frequent. In order to make that cool leather jacket look timlessly so, it has to go with a pair of jeans.

The traditional dilemma has always been style over substance. If you’ve ever had your knee cap pushed back to where if belongs by a medical professional then you’ll know what we mean. For the last few years we’ve had the benefit of kevlar lined jeans that look the part while offering all the protection and sometimes even more than traditional leather. John Doe make their ‘Original Jeans’ with a perfectly tailored straight fit as part of our clothing line.

With a lining made from the worldwide innovation XTM-Fiber, this material is made by DuPont fromKevlar, Coolmax and Lycra, they’ve managed to achieve the perfect balance between protection and ideal wearer comfort. Unlike the bulky offerings of ten years ago these are made from a fabric that is thin, extremely flexible and even water-repellent. Yet it provides the wearer with optimal protection in the event of extreme conditions and crashes on every ride. While this works in the city it’s also not half bad on the longer trips.

Protection with style

All the John Doe stuff features built-in armor pockets at both the knee and hip which allow thewearer to add armor for additional protection. The knee is helpfullyadjustable. The quality of the piece is remarkable. It features details such as a YKK zipper and is approved by the TUV in Germany.  Best of all, for those of us who like overpriced coffee in Dublin, is that they look like a regular pair of jeans.

The John Doe range along with a whole load of cool kit is available from us here at Franklin Motorcycles in sunny Swords. Call any of us on 015385005 to book youself a fitting…