We do our annual stock count in October. We have a number of problems with this previous sentence, they are as follows; October, stock and count. We have Hedon helmets, John Doe jeans and shirts, the full range of Kriega luggage, stacks of t-shirts, a full range of branded Indian clothing, Sena communications systems, Battery Tender systems, Macna clothing, Stylmartin boots, Roof helmets and cans of Vulcanet to keep all your bikes clean.

Everything needs to be counted to keep the accounts department happy and it’s a job that none of us look forward to. To help save time when counting all this stock we’ve decided to have a one day sale. We’ll be taking a few quid off everything, we’ll have the Indian demo fleet ready to ride and we’ll have the best coffee in town ready when you arrive.

Rather cleverly we’ll be discounting our wares depending on who has been assigned to count it. Anything allocated to Sean attracts a 5% discount. If it’s allocated to Peter it gets 10% and Barrys chores get 20%. If Keith has to count it, guess who thinks they’re the most important person in the building, then you can enjoy a full 30% off.

Once again the event takes place all this week from Saturday the 22ndand we look forward to seeing you here from 10am. And remember, we’re not desperate; we’re just feeling a bit lazy…