The John Doe company was started by a trio of brothers in the United States several years ago. Tired of injuring themselves after falling off their motorcycles, but strangely reluctant to wear anything that looked like personal protective equipment the boys designed their own kit that kept them safe while looking as stylish as they would have wanted it to be.

These days the kit is made in Germany where the company is now based. They specialise in Kevlar lined kit and make a huge range of jeans as well as jackets, coats, leather waistcoats or ‘switches’ as well as their own range of sunglasses.

The John Doe Lumberjack Kevlar shirt follows the brothers ethos by offering a pretty fantastic balancing act between offering 100% protection to the rider from a breathable fabric and delivering the package in a 100% stylish finish. Indeed it’s still as important as ever that the kit looks as good being worn in a trendy bar as it does on a motorcycle. The trick is that it must do this while still offering the rider the maximum amount of protection.

To manage this the inside of the shirt is totally lined through the whole garment with KEVLAR. This in turn is made by Dupont in Germany. To make it work as a piece of clothing it’s also equipped with the latest air ventilation system. This allows for much greater breathing power and therefore makes it easy to wear.

There is also a selection of zippable pockets which allows you to carry what you need on your person every time you’re away on your bike. In addition to the Kevlar lining the shirt also comes with no fewer than five pockets for armour. These are for both elbows, both shoulders and the back. The armour is available separately and can be fitted in minutes.

The full John Doe Range is available from our store here in Swords as well as a select number of motorcycle dealers nationwide. Call 01538 5005 to arrange a fitting.