Several years ago a Manchester based motorcycle journalist with the fine Irish name of Dan Walsh embarked on a motorcycling odyssey initially through Africa and then through the Americas. The story was serialised in an English magazine and later published as a collection in his book, ‘These Are The Days That Must Happen To You’. The story is about as far away from Ted Simon, Charlie and Ewan and all the other ‘Brand Friendly’ globetrotters that you can think of.

Walsh smokes and drinks to much, has sex with the wrong women and manages to roll gently into the sort of trouble that most of us couldn’t even imagine all while riding an old 650 with shagged tyres.

The images of him throughout the entire misadventure are ones of him rendering his Furygan jacket useless by riding with the front of it unzipped and this very cool new ‘Boxer’ helmet from a French company called Roof.

A former pilot and engineer called Claude Morin had designed the lid. His idea was, in a rather typical French fashion, to produce something that would protect the rider, be practical and be beautiful.

Since then the design has lasted well and the helmet has become more popular than ever. Now it’s one of a large range of different an innovative designs being offered by the company. It can be worn as a full or open face but the jaw guard can be pulled up independently of the visor and rolls all the way to the back of the lid. The visor continues to be useable as normal.

The boxer is now iconic and is available in a choice of new colours, not just the matt black favored by Dan’s colleagues or the canary yellow one he chose to wear. The full range is brought to Ireland by us. Call 015385005 to arrange a fitting. Meanwhile Dans book is still available on Amazon…