Indian Motorcycle’s describe their Roadmaster Classic as a bike that’s “Designed to bring back the splendour of touring across the open road”. First impressions say that indeed it is. The all American cruiser takes up pride of place in the Franklin Motorcycles dealership here in Dublin.

The model was newly added to the range in 2017 and adds a new removable topbox, saddlebags and a whole heap of the technology that we associate with the posher end of the touring market. Extras that are standard include ‘Ride Command’. Back in the early 2000’s when we were all rich beyond our wildest dreams we used to call these things ‘Infotainment systems’ in posh cars. The tech has moved on since then and now the units, which contain nav units and music can be found on top of the range bikes. Very cleverly, its possible to use the system on the Roadmaster even while wearing gloves!

The bike is finished in a two-tone paint of ‘Willow Green over Ivory Cream’. Little details such as the rather wonderful tank badge, the leather fringes everywhere and the valanced mudguards just add quality and presence to this machine. Meanwhile safety is looked after with an ABS system being fitted as standard, as it is to all the bikes in the Indian range.

Standard comforts include cruise control, heated grips and independently heated seats. The windshield is a power adjustable affair. Even the passenger floorboards are adjustable! This particular bike is, however, one that has a whole lot more than the fitments from the factory.

The previous owner didn’t hold back when it came to dressing the bike with dealer fit accessories. The bikes power delivery and performance were improved with the addition of a Thunderstroke exhaust system and the matching High Flow air filter. The 1811cc v twin also benefits from a set of stage 1 performance cams. With a wonderful eye for detail the exhaust tips are even a grooved billet affair.

The pillion gets the benefit of a pair of passenger armrests, while the rider comfort is added to with a set of leather grip wraps. The dressing continues with a set of highway bars, which are finished in the same pelt and have a set of highway pegs fitted. Even the front and rear mudflaps are leather. Both the rider and pillion footboards are billet affairs and the front and rear mudguards are dressed with chrome bumpers. This, of course, is a bike that has been fitted with a cup holder!

This particular Roadmaster was one of the first that we delivered earlier this year and it’s now the first pre used bike that we are offering for sale. New with all the extras this bike cost a little over thirty-eight grand. We’re now offering it for sale at €31,000. The bike benefits from a five-year warranty from the date of sale, so there’s still over four left on the bike in question. There is a little over 8,000 kilometres on the clock. A test ride can be arranged, call Keith on 015385005 for more details.

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