If less is more then the new Scout Bobber has it all! The bike takes us back to a time when motorcycles were a much more straightforward affair. The bike has what our American cousins call a “Slammed Stance’. We’re not 100% sure as to what exactly that means but we’re pretty sure the short mudguards and the knobby tyres have something to do with it. This is a mean and lean stripped down and blacked out motorcycle.

The nice thing about the new Scout Bobber is that it has no frills, and is therefore, a bike that is so easy to add to and make it one of a kind. At the heart of the bike we have an 1133cc v twin that produces a more than respectable 95 bhp. For a bike in its class that’s not good, it’s exceptional!

The power is delivered via the six-speed gearbox and the final drive is a low maintenance belt drive affair. This makes the bike very usable in the real world with plenty of drive and as such it allows the machine to make light work of overtaking and accelerating away from junctions. In other words, it behaves the way like our bikes to behave!

The bike is rich in detail and up to the minute components such as a clean fuel injection system, LED lights, ABS and a powerful headlamp that doesn’t dominate the styling of the front end of the motorcycle. The motor makes up the centerpiece of the bike and it’s brilliantly framed by the exhaust system as it ‘wraps’ above and below the gearbox.

Up the front here is a new cartridge fork suspension set up which smooths some of the worst of our roads! The rear suspension is lowered by 25mm from the standard bikes height. Lowering a bike like this is referred to as ’Slamming’ and that’s where the term comes from! The pegs are closer to the rider and as such make for a more purposeful riding position.

To organise a ride our demo, please contact any of the team on 015385005…