We’re having a Premier Helmet Sale!

We’re now clearing our stocks of Premier Helmets and we have a selection of sizes and models to choose from here in the store. There are still several models and colours left to choose from. As we evolve as riders the way we use our machines changes this is no more obvious that the huge boom of super scooter use in cities all over Europe, Ireland included. Personal protective equipment that looks ‘smart casual’ enough to be worn to a work meeting becomes the order of the day and the system helmet is the lid to wear in the city.

Italian firm, Premier, have their offering on the Irish market thanks to AKB distribution who have a network of dealers here in the country. Their system helmet is the Thesis U8 and is packed with features.

The new crash hat is available in sizes from the very tiny XS all the way up to the larger than large XL. While it has a full face when closed the unit is one switch operated and swings up to allow the wearer to chat to the cashier in the local Applegreen filling station without appearing to be some sort of  a security risk. (Other filling stations are available).

The visor is a clear affair and as such is legal even in all soon to be ex European countries. The clever bits are that there is a tinted inner visor that retracts into the shell of the helmet. Once again this is a single, left handed, operation. The other is that the main, clear visor, is pinlock prepped and will not ever, if fitted correctly, allow the inside of the screen to fog up. The chinstrap, meanwhile, is a simple to use seatbelt type.

The Premier Thesis is currently available in plain white or matt black and retails for a staggeringly affordable €99. Call 01 5385005 to arrange a fitting.