Earlier this year the Dead Ducks motorcycle club, a group of ner do well misfits in need of a large dose of karmic credit ran the Rev Up event across Ireland. Thanks to the ongoing support of the Irish motorcycling community and a well researched route the participants raised enough money to buy a mini bus for the Holy Angels School in Chapelizod.
There were a whole host of people involved and the fundraiser couldn’t have come together without the help of The Lords Taverners, a group of cricket fans who’ve named themselves after a pub. If ever the dead Ducks had a non motorcycling doppelgänger these guys are it!
The bus is now ready to be delivered and will be done in the memory of the late Aidan Lynam later this month. His daughter attends the school, which caters for children with mild learning disorders and will be used for educational outings, which will add greatly to the children’s educational experience. As befits any vehicle carrying a cargo as special as this one the drivers will need to be properly trained.
Since doing this training costs money, €490 per person, the ‘Ducks have once again stepped up to the plate and are organising a Poker Run to raise the necessary funds to get this done. The event will take place on Sunday the 30th of September next and costs €10 per bike to take part in.The Indian owners club will, of course, be taking part. We’ll be meeting at Il Panorama in Portmarnock at 9.30am next Sunday morning, September 30th. For more details sign on to our Facebook page where we’ll be posting details and we’ll see you on the road…