Indian Scout

The Indian Scout 1200 has been available here in Ireland for a little over a year now from the dealership here in Swords. This is a bike that is cleverly designed to take advantage of Mr. Franklins original design wile also incorporating the most up to date of technology.

The V Twin block looks the part and is framed by the flow of the exhaust system as well as being rather wonderfully contrast cut to show the engine off to its best. Cleverly, however, the bike is both liquid cooled and features the very latest fuel injection system.

The bike offered for sale comes in the ‘Brilliant Blue over White with Red Pinstripes’ colour scheme as well as being fitted with a whole load of extras. This is a machine that could be seen as somewhat of a rolling catalogue of what can be done when it comes to personalising a bike like this.

The bike has a standard tan leather seat which has been replaced with a longer one that fits the taller rider a little better. On the back end the panniers  benefit from a clever quick release system as well as having plenty of space to carry all you need.

The rider also benefits from a back rest since the pillion seat has been removed. The comfort is further added to with a set of mini ape hanger handlebars, which are tall enough to fall to hand easily while still looking the part.

The luggage rack, which replaces the pillion pad, bridges the gap between the panniers. Being finished in chrome allows it to fit in  with the rest of the bike and even if it’s never used it still looks really good on the back of the bike.

The standard exhaust has been modified with a set of stage one factory slip on end cans. This allows the bike to sound as it should while still managing not to obnoxious enough to provoke the local sheriff!

The oversize grips are a nice touch, giving a more substantial feel to the bars when riding the bike and the ‘Pinnacle’ mirrors are aftermarket offerings from Indians own catalogue, as is the chrome wire harness cover that sits under the headlight. While not pictured the bike has a quick release screen and the highway bars add a nice bit of protection to the rider.

New this machine sells, with all these extras for €21,190. it still has less than 400 kilometres on the clock and the asking price is now only €18,500. To find out more about this demo sale and the rest of the Indian range call any of us on 015385005.