As a team of overworked motorcycle professionals we really don’t like to take the time out to anything too strenuous. This is somewhat unfortunate as we have found that we frequently need to present the bikes that we’re selling in something that resembles a clean and easy to appreciate style. This tends to involve washing and polishing a lot of motorcycles.

Before you become over come with a torrent of uncontrollable sympathy and simply fall to the floor in tears, we’ve found a remedy. That remedy is a product that’s been on the market for a number of years now. It’s sold in all the better bike shops, distributed by and is available here in the shop. It’s called Vulcanet.

The product consists of a plastic can filled with what look like baby wipes. These pieces of cloth feature a honeycomb weave to capture dirt, bugs, tar and whatever else your bike has picked up along the way. They are filled with a clever detergent that removes all this unpleasantness without leaving as much as a streak behind.

After each panel, wheel, whatever, is wiped clean give it a wipe with the microfiber cloth that lives in the lid of the can and the bike looks as good as new. The wipes even contain an agent that revives faded paintwork. They’re made in France and have, unsurprisingly won a number of innovation awards. The product can also be used on all parts of the bike from the exhaust to the windscreen.

When we use them we tend to get a full sports bike done with three wipes and it takes about ten mins to clean from one end of the bike to another. There are eighty wipes in each can. This tends to make the supply feel somewhat infinite and at €40 per can comes out a lot cheaper, more effective and longer lasting than a pressure washer ever will be.