The new Indian Chief Classic looks fantastic. The front end features a headlight with a fantastically long cowl, which is finished with a reassuringly deep matt paint and sculpted rise in the centre which flows back to the bars where it meets them with seamless beauty.

The matt finished forks flow down to the front mudguard. The sides of which feature the ‘Valances’ that the brand is famous for. These panels reach all the way to the hub of the wheel, where they cover the brake calipers and add a real depth of character to the bike. The Indian “Headdress” also adorns the front of the fender as it has on Indian motorcycles for generations.

On a practical front the bike is fitted with ABS as standard. The brakes front and rear reflect the thought and craftsmanship that go into building these bikes being, as they are, fitted with metal braided brake lines. Cleverly enough at the other end the cables are hidden in the handlebars giving the front of the bike a clean and crisp look.

The “Thunderstroke” motor powers the whole show. The big v twin has 119 foot pounds of torque. This is all available from incredibly low in the rev range and makes for a very ride-able piece of kit. Meanwhile the chrome starts here with the cooling fins on the heads being prominent as are the badges and the exhaust system. The whole thing sits in a cast aluminium frame.

The minimalist look is completed with a set of tank mounted instruments while the ignition is keyless. After all who wants the tags sticking out of the headstock on something this cool? The bike comes with cruise control as standard, making traversing the continent so much easier and the exhaust system benefits from acoustic tuning, offering the perfect soundtrack for your riding experience.

The Indian Chief Classic is available to test ride from our showrooms at Franklin Motorcycles in Swords, Co Dublin along with the rest of the range. Give any of us a call on 01 538 5005 and let us introduce the brand to you.