There once lived a man remembered as Aristippus of Cyrene. He was a student of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. Stay with me here, this gets better. Aristippus had this idea that pleasure was the highest good. This ‘Hedonism’ formed a school of thinking that argued that both pleasure and happiness are the most important goals in life. If one is a hedonist then one aims to get the most pleasure and the least pain out of everything.

This relentless quest for all that is good in life inspired the owners of Hedon Helmets to design and manufacture the very best of urban riders protective, yet stylish, headgear. The duo that formed the company, Lindsay and Reg, were bored of conventional helmet styling and began to rethink the city riders motorcycle helmet. In 2011 they launched Hedon.

What they created was a range of helmets that were bold in design, refined in construction and thoroughly modern while still giving enough of a nod to the past to satisfy the need for a little nostalgia. They are also comfortable and easy to keep. They are, above all else, comfortable to wear.

The duo has always designed the range with an eye for originality and to capture the raw beauty of something as simple, yet as important, as a motorcycle helmet. Each one is made using a combination of modern building technology and methods along with traditional craftsmanship and an eye for style.

Here at Franklin Motorcycles we carry a huge range of clothing and accessories with brands such as John Doe, Macna, Kriega, Indian apparel, LS2 helmets, AlpineHearing protection and Battery Tender. Now the Hedon range is available here in the store. Call us on 015385005 to arrange a fitting. In the meantime take a look here to see a little more about the brand:

Hedon helmets start at €389, lessons in Greek philosophy are non compulsory but Peter is usually available…