While the evenings may be getting darker earlier, we have been blessed with milder winters and there is no need to put the bike away for the season anymore. Prepping it properly for the season is a must and a new set of tyres should be due at this stage if you had as a good a summer as most of our readers seem to have had.

Earlier this year Dunlop announced the launch of their latest tyre for the hypersport sector. The new SportSmart2 is designed for ultimate street performance but with track capability which gives us some sort of idea as to what the tyre is capable of. They have already brought us the rather excellent RoadSmart III Sport Touring tyre.

The new SportSmart2 has already built a strong reputation for ultimate grip, we have a set on test at the moment and it lacks nothing in the handling and feedback stakes. They’ve been on our S1000R for several months at this stage and the wear is surprisingly low for a tyre that is subjected to this kind of use.

The clever people at Dunlop have managed to combine the superior grip with longer wear by concentrating on what they have learned from racing in endurance competitions as well as road racing, most notably of course in the isle Of Man. Cleverly, for us mere mortals they have managed to develop a tyre that needs very little time to come up to temperature.

Dunlop tyres are now available from the workshop here at Franklin Motorcyles. The set on our Beemer are a 120 on the front and a 190 on the rear. They cost €375 fitted and balanced. Call any of us here at the shop on 015385005 and we’ll look after you as soon as…