Cafe Racer

Italian Leather

Stylmartin have been producing boots in Italy for a very long time. The company was established way back in 1970 and continues to produce motorcycle boots for all two wheeled disciplines. One of the challenges over the last few years as the urban rider has got much more fashion conscious about their kit has been to make boots that look easy on the eye while still offering all the protection that we have come to demand.

The Ace boot is just one of a range of new footwear available from the company in their Café Racer line. These are boots that are intended for urban use, and are styled accordingly. They are, on the outside, a simple full grain leather boot, with traditional lace up closures.

The upper is made entirely from natural full grain leather with an additional leather liner and as such make for an extremely comfortable everyday shoe. Thanks to the PU internal protectors on both sides of each boot. To help keep the boots in good condition there is a removable elastic gear protection accessory included. This prevents any unsightly wear on the body of the boot.

While the boots are a laced affair there is also a full zip hidden on the inside of the boot. This makes getting them on and off as easy as it would be with a pair of the companys race boots. The footbed is anatomic; this means that the boot will ‘take’ the shape of the wearers’ foot. It’s also antibacterial so that nasty whiff in your current footwear won’t be a problem. It’s also changeable which extends the life of the boot.

The sole is made from anti slip rubber. This defaults to making it anti slip as well as anti static. The Ace is available in sizes 39 all the way to 47 and comes in any colour you like as long as that colour is tan brown. They cost €239, call us on 015385005 for more information.