With an 1811 cc V Twin engine the Chief Classic isn’t a bike that is likely to make any apologies for itself any time soon. The bike looks like some sort of rolling sculpture, its shape and styling bringing something unique to the world of large capacity cruisers.

The Chief Classic is powered by the all new Thunder Stroke 111 engine. This isn’t just something that looks good in the heart of the bike, honoring the heritage of the brand, it produces a more than respectable 138.9 Neuton metres of Torque. This is something that one could find more than adequate when one is getting off the lights

The first thing that you notice on the bike is that there is no place to put a key. Rather you simply keep the fob in your pocket, press the power button on the tank and proceed with firing the bike up as normal. One of the cleverer features of this system is that should the rider misplace the key, as happens with some of our more senior staff from time to time, then the bike takes a unique code to override the security and off you go.

The bike is fitted as standard with cruise control to make those longer journeys a little easier on the wrist. This is easy to set up and can be shut off or over ridden by simply adjusting the throttle or touching either brake. The Indian Chief Classic is abundantly dressed with chrome. This finish is just what a bike of this caliber needs and it looks excellent for it.

The bike makes its presence felt with the rather marvelous deep toned exhaust note that comes from the twin end cans down the back. The pipes have been acoustically engineered to refine the note and eliminate any unwanted pitch from the sound the Chief produces.

The styling continues with a vintage badge on the tank as well as the iconic ‘War Bonnet’ on the front fender. These fenders are valanced, meaning they are longer and deeper than any other mudguards. Indian have been putting these on some of their bikes since back in the 1940s. They appear to be highly effective at keeping a white bike white.

The spokes, there are forty on each wheel, finish the bike perfectly. There are a host of accessories available with luggage, clothing, a choice of windscreens and much, much more available from the company.

The bike featured retails for €23,890 is available to test ride from Franklin Motorcycles here in Swords. We can be contacted to arrange a test ride on 01 538 5005.