Distributed by AKB and sold through a wide network of Irish motorcycles is the range of battery chargers and maintainers from Deltran – Battery Tender range. The American company is based in Florida, where their elders go to die, and have been around for more than a few years. Now their strategic initiative continues to focus on both innovation and customer satisfaction.

If, like some people, and we’re not pointing fingers here, you park your bike up over winter you may well want to take a look at some of the companies innovative products. While they have a simply huge range of kit, the one that we really like is the Battery Tender 800 Lithium. This is a unit designed to charge any 12 volt lithium battery regardless of brand or the bike its powering.

The chargers input is 120VAC @60 Hz and it features the companies own “Supersmart Technology”. This means that as well as being weather proof and incredibly light, at a little over half a kilogram the unit also features some very clever technology.

The charger is spark proof and short circuit protected. This means the chances of you setting fire to your bike are greatly reduced! It’s also reverse polarity protected. Say a motorcycle sales person, for example, attempted to charge a battery they may put the wrong connectors on the wrong poles the unit won’t destroy either itself or the battery. This we think is very clever indeed.

There is an ‘auto recovery’ mode for batteries that have almost, but not quite, had it and each product from the range including the afore mentioned 800 Lithium comes with a full three year warranty. Prices for the range begin from as little as €45. Keep your pride and joy charged.

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