We’ve moved so far along in the fashion stakes, that it’s now fair to say that if go out riding on a motorcycle wearing a pair of jeans that are tucked into a pair of racing boots should, at this stage, be enough to have you ostracised from the wider community never mind from your motorcycling mates.

The challenge these days has moved on to dressing ‘bike appropriately’. This challenge is perhaps even bigger for the café racer set. With their propensity to drink complicated coffee and only hang out in the hippest of cafes staying cool has never been such hard work. We caught up with one of the bearded ones recently in an effort to glean some sartorial tips on how to ride safe and ride dapper at the same time.

Peter is a recent convert to motorcycling but has been shirking the Mach3s for a number of years now. He turns up to meet us dressed in what looks like very casual clothing but explains why it’s anything but. Like most of his wardrobe, Kevlar is the secret ingredient. His check shirt, by John Doe, looks like any other well made lumberjack affair but is actually made up of two layers, the typical outer and the Kevlar liner. There are armour pockets in the back, shoulders and elbows as well as ventilation in the back and under the arms. While it looks like a shirt its actually a fully functioning jacket. As such Peter wears one of the companies very cool t-shirts under it.

There are a host of designs to choose from, each one cooler than the last with mostly retro designs. The jeans, also from John Doe, are perhaps even subtler. Gone are the days when wearing armoured denim meant looking like a 1980s pop star. The same lining and armour as the shirt are hidden away in a pair of denims so well that the only requirement is that they are bought over long so that they can be turned up. Being as hip as Peter without the turn ups would be as ridiculous as trying to be as cool as him without the beard. The blue ones look the part. The black ones even more so. Both shirt and jeans are hydrophobic and will keep a light shower out.

The issue with the bike is that a helmet is necessary. Thankfully Premier make a range of full face offerings. Peters is the Trophy and comes with features such as removable cheek pads, a double d closing strap and the whole thing meets the required standard in Europe. The visor even has a wonderfully old school snap closure.

Brown footwear is so cool at the moment. Peter’s ensemble is completed with a pair of Stylmartin Rocket boots. These are a full-length affair with all the protection we’ve come to expect from motorcycle all motorcycle attire. The anti slip sole and waterproofing make them more than practical. The lace and belt closing system look a little like hard work but they’re complimented by a wonderfully lazy zip on the inside leg where the actual opening and closing goes on. Oddly enough they look quite good with jeans tucked into them…

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