AKB, based in Dublin Ireland supply the Artago Secure Factory BUNKER Park and BUNKER Park&Roll, the most secure and practical security solution for your parking or garage.

Park your motorcycle or scooter in a BUNKER and sleep tight.

Includes the top-quality ARTAGO 68 palock (tested by the most demanding approval centres in France, Holland and England).

The Park&Roll version, easily and with total security, allows you to park against the wall to maximize your parking space or garage, thanks to its strong Rolling platform with brake wheels, base anchored to the ground and high performance 360º rotation axis to turn easily even the heaviest motorcycles.


Its unique features make it the most secure parking security lock for motorcycle and scooter:

NOTHING MORE SECURE, to prevent YOUR motorcycle or scooter being stolen, PUT IT IN A BUNKER and sleep tight.

Top-security locking mechanism:

Locking BAR made of high tensile steel, the same of the ARTAGO 18XL, that gets fixed inside the BUNKER and blocks the wheel.

High security ARTAGO 68 padlock made of monoblok forged steel, approved by the most demanding testing labs worldwide.

The BUNKER shields the access to locking mechanism from both side and the top.

The BUNKER suits all types of motorcycles and maxi-scooters to prevent uploading it or remove the wheel.

Secure investment you can install and adapt yourself to all kinds of bikes you ever have.

The BUNKER is a very high-end anti-theft device ANCHORED TO THE GROUND and with security device to prevent, anyone but the owner, remove it, even when the bike is not on.

BUNKER Park & Roll version:

High performance 360º rotation axis to turn easily even the heaviest motorcycles Continued.

Strong Rolling platform with brake wheels.

Adds extra security, easily and with total safely, allows park against the wall to maximize your parking space.

You can combine it with other locks for the rear wheel, as the ARTAGO U lock “bunker selection” that later you can carry on a trip placed under seat or thanks to useful transport brackets.

Easy to install, convenient to use and the ultimate in motorcycle parking security.

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