Motorcycle security is always a concern and particularly in an urban setting when using common parking areas such as is found in apartment buildings and office blocks. When we were introduced to the Bunker Park and Roll motorcycle security system we were, therefore, more than impressed.

The system is rather like a bike ramp on with a workshop benches clamp at the other end.   The second part is the ‘Bunker’ and it’s quite definitely the most secure locking system we’ve ever seen. The unit shields the front wheel and features a tamper resistant bolt, which locks in place using a closed shackle lock from the parent security company, Artago.

The unit can be bolted to the floor, which makes it next to impossible to move the thing. Rather cleverly it can also pivot from the bunker end, thanks to its 360 degree rotation axis, so can be rolled in against a wall in a parking space and add to the security by having a car parked up against it.

The unit itself is secure, so it cannot be removed even when the bike is not locked into it. The bunker part is strong enough to hold the full weight of the bike regardless of weight so anything from a CG 125 all the way to a Goldwing will sit in the unit and they won’t even need to utilise the main stand on the heaviest of machines. It’s simply that good. Best of all the clamp only holds the tyre so there isn’t even any possibility of marking the wheel rim.

Loading the bike in and out of the Park and Roll is as easy as rolling a bike and it takes up less space than any conventional bike on a side stand. It’s easy to install, and is available from us here in the store.