Get It Up!

Winter is traditionally the time to get in the garage and tinker away on a project, so Indian is encouraging owners to take the tools to custom build their Scout and give it the flat track look.

With the rise of the Super Hooligan scene and the American Flat Track championship, Indian says it is starting to see an increase in riders in Europe who want to create a bike they can ride every day in comfort, but one that looks ready to tear up the dirt.

“We’ve certainly seen interest grow in flat track styling since we unveiled the FTR1200 Custom at EICMA last year,” enthuses Indian’s general manager in Europe, Grant Bester. “The beauty of the Scout is that you don’t need to cut or weld parts to transform the look. You can buy many of the parts you need off the shelf and fit them yourself at home, in the garage, with little more than an impact wrench and a good set of sockets.”

Transforming the look of a stock Scout Sixty, Scout or Scout Bobber, is now easy, especially if you use official Indian accessories or buy one of the many special kits that bike builders and parts manufacturers are now selling.

So what do you need as a minimum to turn a stock Scout in to a flat track racer? First you need a base bike, either one bought new or used from a dealer and then you need a vision for what you want to create.

Indian’s head of Parts, Apparel and Accessories, Andreas Geisinger says many owners are fearful of taking a brand new machine and then stripping parts off of it or adding new ones on. “To get the flat track look, you’re really only going to take off key components and replace them,” explains Andreas. “So things like adding mid-position foot controls, a different seat unit and adding new wheels. Most people tend to go for 19 inch wheels and then fit 12 inch shocks. You’re looking at paying around €2,000 to €2,500 to do that.”