Shoei manufacture all of their products using the keywords quality & value, and have used these criteria ever since they began manufacturing motorcycle helmets  1960. The Shoei helmet brand has always been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology and continues to lead in terms of technical innovation, design, and safety. With over 50 years experience brand can undoubtedly be described as premium, Shoei helmets offer fantastic value for money when you consider the levels of comfort, build quality and technology that go into every helmet Shoei develop.Their bike helmets are built with a philosophy in mind they call the Shoei Safety Concept. Crash helmets must be developed to ensure maximum head protection, whilst also providing unrivalled levels of comfort.The safety elements of each bike helmet come under one of two headings, Passive or Active Safety. Passive safety includes focus on such elements as impact absorption and material rigidity whilst active safety refers to emphasis on ventilation, fit and noise reduction. Shoei are now, truly, one of the most popular and most highly rated helmet brands in the world.