Your bike will never get lost!

Motorcycle theft is sadly an ever-present threat to riders. On average 26,000 motorcycles are stolen every year over in the UK and while initiatives like the industry-backed Master Security Scheme offer a significant counter measure, this alone cannot offer complete peace of mind.

With a relatively limited choice of security products available on the market for many years, BikeTrac took action in 2009 launching a new and innovative tracking system that gave owners a new choice and increased the chances of hanging onto their pride and joy.

Very importantly the new system was developed by a team of active motorcyclists. BikeTrac was the first full-function tracking system to be designed specifically for motorcycles and it wasn’t an adapted car-derived system. Small, discreet and lightweight, BikeTrac’s advantages were clear to see, and in its first year on the market in the UK the company successfully recovered over 90% of all equipped machines stolen.

It’s now eight years later and BikeTrac is now available in Ireland. In that time the team in the UK have now recovered over £6 million worth of stolen machines.

With a dedicated team covering both Northern and Southern Ireland, BikeTrac is pleased to offer customers the same GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF technology as is available in the UK. This has already been proven with a number of recent recoveries in the Republic of Ireland.

BikeTrac’s tech is both real world and highly effective. The system not only notifies the user should their bike be moved, via text, email and even a telephone call, but it also allows precise location data to be given to the authorities. This last bit is crucial when requesting a Garda search warrant.

On top of its theft functions and thanks to the 24/7 web portal, a bikes owner can log-in at any time to check the machines battery voltage and even retrace the tracks of their last ride on the bike, download them and even share where they’ve been.

BikeTrac is officially licensed and endorsed by several manufacturers. It retails for €349 plus a monthly or yearly subscription fee and fitment charge. For more information on the system give any of us here at the dealership a call on 015385005.