In a purely hypothetical situation, this could never really happen, as our customers are some of the most law abiding on the planet, a rider of a modern motorcycle could reach speeds in excess of 100 good old fashioned miles per hour. Lets presume things keep going as well as they’ve started out and the rider is wearing full kit with a modern full face helmet that fits correctly. How long can they ride safely at this speed without risking damage to their hearing?

The shocking answer is as little as 90 seconds! The villains are numerous. Motor and wind noise combine to lift the level above 90 decibels. Add in an aftermarket exhaust or follow a rider with one and it can get even louder. If one were exposed to that level of noise in the workplace then the employer would be obliged to supply hearing protection.

Put the immediate health implications, going deaf, to one side for a moment and consider the effect that noise has on our concentration. How many of us have come up on a car that’s inexplicably drifting out of lane only to find the driver is having a chat on a hands free phone kit? Noise takes a surprising amount of our headspace and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Meanwhile a motorcycle helmet is designed to protect the riders’ head in the event of an accident. No helmet, that we are aware of, has ever been marketed as something that protects the riders’ eardrums from becoming damaged. To protect our ears we need proper earplugs such as the type provided by Alpine Hearing Protection.

The company is based in the Netherlands where they make ear protection for a host of different disciplines and the plugs they design to work in the wonderful world of motorcycling are as specific as the rest of the range. There are different models for the type of riding being done. Noise levels are, after all different for riders on a gentle tour than they are on a trackday or in a race. Riders who wear full face helmets have different needs than ones who wear an open face. Pillions have different needs entirely.

The team at AKB have been the agents for this excellent range of products for a number of years now and they are available from all good motorcycle dealers nationwide as well as here at the store. Prices are surprisingly good as fitting is universal. If you have any questions or need to know where your nearest dealer is call 01 5385005.