If you can’t start it, you can’t ride i

We’ve all been there. The sun is up, it promises to be a fantastic day, the meet up point is arranged, all the crew will be there and the breakfast promises to be excellent. You get your gear on, walk to the garage and pull the bike off its stand. Rolling it outside you turn the key in the ignition and thumb the starter. The clocks flicker, there’s an unpleasant clicking sound and then nothing. You’re going nowhere as your battery has died.

You can get it started with a set of jump leads, which may or may not work out well for you. If it does you’ll need to park at the top of a hill when you next stop. What you will need is a new battery. All of this is now, of course, completely unnecessary thanks to American company Deltran.

Deltran were primarily a transformer company formed in the sixties. The family who owned the business had a bit of a ‘Gra’ for boats and all things marine. In the late eighties they developed a charger that maintained the condition of the battery in one of their boats when it was parked up, we believe the technical term is ‘moored’, using the transformer technology that they knew so well.

Now fifty years after the company was formed Deltran are the go to battery specialists supplying OEM equipment for Harley Davidson, BMW, Mini, Lexus and Lotus amongst others. All of them are heavy hitters in the automotive industry and none of them are likely to invite a supplier to the party without them being nothing short of brilliant.

Meanwhile the chemical reactions when a battery discharges converts lead, lead oxides, and acid into free electrons, water and, the less than desirable, lead sulphates. The chemical reactions on recharge reverse this process. When the battery has been flat for a prolonged period the lead sulphate converts to a stable crystalline that deposits itself on the negative plates in the battery. Large crystals form a type of insulation layer on the plates. This reduces the battery’s active material that is responsible to deliver the capacity. Permanent sulfation sets in when the battery has been in a low state-of charge for weeks or months. You can recharge it, bump start it or use a set of jump leads, it’s never going to work as well as it did.

That’s because at this stage, no form of desulfation is possible without destroying part of the battery’s plates. Once a battery has been allowed to deteriorate it’s time for a replacement. It would be much better to keep it from discharging at all.

This is where Deltrans Battery Tender chargers come in. They prevent damage from this process of sulphation by indefinitely maintaining a full state of charge in the battery. The Battery tender, does exactly that, it tends the battery by running a constant current recharge with indefinite state of charge maintenance.

This Battery Tender comes with a type of speed connector that is mounted on the battery and the other end simply plugs into the unit. This allows you to leave the battery on a maintain setting and you, in turn, won’t ever miss another Sunday morning run again.

Deltran and Battery Tender products are available from good bike shops everywhere. Call us on 015385005 for more details.