Get Yourself A Modern Classic

Leather jackets are as synonymous with motorcycles as black pudding is with a decent breakfast. These days we are spoiled with a huge choice of fabrics and compounds, summer and winter gear, laminated fabrics and goretex liners. But nothing will ever replace the classic leather jacket.

Originally worn by ex military flyers, the hide offered some protection from both the weather and the tarmac if something went wrong. Over the years they’ve developed into something completely different. Something that offers significantly more protection, still, than any of the other fabrics.

One of the cooler brands on the market is Macna. Distributed here by the good people at AKB Distribution, and retailed from the shop, the company offer several different models. One is the Gigi.

They are available in black, blue or red and in European sizes from ‘delicate flower’ 48 all the way to ‘lay off the pies’ 60. While they don’t have a waterproof lining, they’re recommended for summer use only, all leather does have some element of water resistance and will withstand the odd shower. A bit of rain helps them age that little bit and look even cooler.

The cut is definitely race and the fabric is cow leather, so it has a satisfying weight and looks the part. The lining is 3D mesh which helps keep one cool in the summer weather and there is a detachable thermo liner for those colder days. The armour is CE approved and there is a slot for an integrated back protector.

There are two connection zippers, one long and one short. These give the rider the opportunity to connect the jacket to a set of leather pants or more casual riding jeans. It is important to note that jackets must zip to the trousers with a full zip to a pair of leather pants for track day use.

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